Friday, September 2, 2011

2012 Election – preview of reality

OK it is now September 2011 … we have a year and two months before the next presidential election.  Now, from the Washington Post we get this:

“Bush and Cheney remind us how we got into this mess” By Eugene Robinson, Published: September 1

Yep it has begun – intelligence has finally begun to raise it’s head and maybe it’s voice will become loud enough to be heard by the illiterate masses.

We are reminded that: “Obama is tackling enormous problems that took many years to create.”  In 2012, we are going to be told Obama is the problem and we should put those who rally caused the problem back into the Whitehouse –- so they can make it worse.  ! DUH !

Isn’t it bad enough that the self-destructive, nation destroying, idiots are gaining ground in Congress.  Do we really want to allow them the power to total out the American Dream?  How many people do they want to murder?  We spend more on murder, and the preparation for murder, than we do on Education and Healthcare and all Social Programs combined.

We are a nation which values harming others above all things.  It is not a matter of self-defense.

Rationally, we could tell the world – if you launch an attack, or allow one to be launched from your soil, or finance such an attack – we will NUKE you out of existence.  It will take only a few days … cost none of our citizens their lives … and ensure those who are responsible are immediately terminated.

What did Bush do with Bin Laden?  He withdrew the forces that were closing in on him and used them to kill Saddam Hussein – who was allied with us and a stabilizing force in the oil region.  Of course, Bush Sr. had said to Saddam that it was OK to expand, and then attacked him for expanding – what we call the GULF WAR.  The Bush family want to destroy oil, because they are in the oil business.  So they will murder as many people as possible – their wallets need filling.  Sr. received mullions from the Saudis for stopping Saddam.  Jr. seems on track to also receive a few blood pennies.  Which other GOP member, and candidate in 2012 – or now in, or planning to run for, Congress – is now on the Saudi payroll?

“… wars and the tax cuts have cost the Treasury between $4 trillion and $5 trillion”  Bush Jr. added $6.1 Trillion to the deficit.  GEE wonder if he and his cronies pocketed the rest?

“Reagan, in his eight years as president, raised taxes 11 times” and also doubled the national debt.  What did he squander the money on?  Whose pockets did he line?  Can you honestly say our lives were improved by his cutting Grants to Higher Education?  Did he improve our lives, environment, or economy – did he reduce our dependence on foreign oil, or environmentally destructive coal?  He tore the solar panels from the Whitehouse roof!   He opposed everything we now are trying to restore – thus setting us back half a century … while the Europeans moved forward.  Even the Arabs, with all their oil, saw the logic of solar and wind – which Republicans still deny.

“Republicans don’t pay attention to conservative economists anymore. The Republicans’ idea of a cure for cancer would be to cut spending and cut taxes.“  In reality, The Republicans are the very cancer that is spreading through the economic body of America.  They are the problem, and in no way can they offer a solution.

But thirty percent of Americans are way too dumb to understand that reality.


It is the mantra they live for.    

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