Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More GOP Doctrine Examples

This time from New York Times, September 13, 2011
Is It Weird Enough Yet?” By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

First the quotes for context:

1. “Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota talk about how climate change is some fraud perpetrated by scientists trying to gin up money for research.”

2. “Remember the first rule of global warming. The way it unfolds is really “global weirding.””

3. “when a storm comes, in many cases there is more water available in the atmosphere and rainfall is heavier. When a drought comes, often temperatures are already higher than they would have been 50 years ago, and so the effects of the drought are magnified by higher evaporation rates.””

4. “There is only one effective, sustainable way to produce “green jobs,” and that is with a fixed, durable, long-term price signal that raises the price of dirty fuels and thereby creates sustained consumer demand for, and sustained private sector investment in, renewables. “

Harkin Back to Ronald Reagan:

5. “The G.O.P. has blocked any price signal and fought every regulation. The result too often is taxpayer money subsidizing wonderful green innovation, but with no sustainable market within which these companies can scale.”

The Solution since Carter & Oil Embargo:

6. “The easiest way to do all of this at once is with a gasoline tax or price on carbon. Would you rather cut Social Security and Medicare or pay a little more per gallon of gas and make the country stronger, safer and healthier? It still amazes me that our politicians have the courage to send our citizens to war but not to ask the public that question.”


There is a bit about the “sins of the fathers” lasting into the third generation.  The Sins of the Reagan Whitehouse and GOP anti-American policies extend from the 1970’s (fathers) to those born in this millennium.  We will feel and know the sins for 50 to 70 years before they will be address.  By then, our oil reserves will be gone and we will be at the mercy of any Hitler-like OPEC lord who wishes to extend his power to global domination.  Since we would need his fuel to power our defenses, he would not need to risk lives, just turn off the oil faucet and we are on our preverbal knees.

Evangelicals will cheer – they work and pray for an end to democracy and the coming of a messiah that universal Lord … ISA (Jesus) … whose soldiers in white will crush everyone who opposes them … It is in their Book of Revelation and in the OPEC Koran … 

But that is still the “long-term” objective for the GOP & Evangelical Tea-Party types.  Short term it is all about the choice expressed in quote #6:

“Would you rather cut Social Security and Medicare or pay a little more per gallon of gas and make the country stronger, safer and healthier?“

A few pennies on the price of fuel and we get cleaner air, slow global warming, fund Social Security (so that the Baby-Boomers can enjoy their old age with a degree of security) and fund medical coverage (so people can live rather than die).  OPPS – forgot – TEA PARTY CHEERED when it was said that those who could not afford to, or chose not to, buy medical insurance should be allowed to die if they need emergency health care.  

!The Right-to-Life types CHEERED killing real people!

Remember, the Right-to-Life types are those who want unplanned for, unwanted, children born so they can be deprived of education and medical care … the Right-to-Life types want to inflict harm on those who have yet to exist by forcing them into existence so as to be able to deprive them of anything that would make that existence meaningfully productive.

The GOP & TEA PARTY are in the business of torture and murder – and they want to ensure it continues.  If you doubt that, look who promotes WAR!  And is very careful to make it wasteful of human life – by destabilizing nations.


it dominates their every action

You shall know them by their Deeds/Actions!

??? Isn’t that the warning & guideline ???


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