Monday, September 12, 2011

Gotta Love this Quote

Barack Obama (FaceBook page) Quote of the day: “The bottom line is, when it comes to strengthening the economy and balancing our books, we’ve got to decide what our priorities are. Do we keep tax loopholes for oil companies—or do we put teachers back to work?” – President Obama today on the American Jobs Act

Now we know where the Republican priorities are – Bush & Bush were oil men … and the Saudis are -- either directly or indirectly -- funding the GOP.  OPEC owns the GOP, therefore tax loopholes for oil companies are the ultimate political priority.

In a defense oriented world – one in which long term vision trumps short-term personal gain – America would be favoring the use of foreign oil over the depletion of domestic reserves. 

When we run out of oil, our cars, trucks, tanks and planes screech to a halt and those who have oil can overrun us.

All we would have for defense is missiles – but only those which do not require petroleum products for their manufacture or operation.

Think of it this way:  A devout Jihadist devotes all his efforts to playing terrorist threat games with no real implementation necessary.  Maybe a half dozen, a dozen, suicide attacker die every few years … spread that over two decades … in 2032 America has gone dry … our oil depleted so we can have our SUV’s … and poorly insulated homes.

Then the games begin … the child born this year and in the years to come are trained for Jihad … OPEC has its oil and the Jihadists have taken over the governments that control the oil fields … albeit without revealing their true nature and intent … and the fun begins.

The oil embargoes of the 1970’s are repeated … those were just test runs for the real embargoes … and our nation grinds to a halt.  The war-equipment we have sold to the oil nations are now aimed at us.  We have no defense, because we have no fuel to use and so cannot mobilize or deploy our forces.

Those who survive will quickly learn to face Mecca.

Social Security Funding will not matter – there will be none unless the Jihadists wish it.  But those who live, under the Jihadists, in those days can proudly boast that their grandparents drove SUV’s.

On the other hand – since the teachers have gone – there will only be memories and the things Jihadists want us to know … Look to their nations today … look at their women and children … the last time Islam had a “Golden Age of knowledge” was in the second century after its appearance … and then, only because they imported scholars from what is now Afghanistan … There are no longer any scholars in Afghanistan … there are only Jihadists and their victims.

YEP!  Time to get our priorities straight.  Want to take a wager?  The priorities which will prevail will be those that favor the GOP and


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