Saturday, September 17, 2011

American Stupidity – California Style

From the Associated Press, Published: 16 September 2011, “Former student midwife who delivered baby on her own gets 3 years of probation in Los Angeles”

Consider this – the supervisor could not be reached, the student delivers the baby.  Had she been a cab driver, or policeman, or a passer-by, she would have been a lauded hero.  But in the warped mind of the DA’s in LOS ANGELES, she is put on trial and then convicted.

The people of LOS ANGELES  are clearly IDIOTS!  They are hatful and bigoted, and consistently so.

Think back to the OJ Simpson Trial.  There are three witnesses who place OJ at home when his former wife was murdered.  THREE WITNESSES!  Who saw, spoke to, and knew OJ.  Yet the DA prosecuted him and pocketed a $4 million advance for a worthless book in which she could only bitch about the fact he was found not guilty.

Subsequently, a bigoted jury decided that he should still pay the Goldman family for the death of their son.  They did so in the face of evidence that the  vehicle allegedly used – the Bronco – was NOT there while OJ was.  It was not inside the gates, nor was it outside … there are THREE WITNESSES who affirmed that. 

We also know, as the Bigots on the jury did, that Arnelle Simpson – OJ’s daughter - was at the movies with friends.  She had driven herself there, and was inside the theater at the time of  the murders.  So we know she didn’t do it.  But HER CAR was parked inside the Rockingham gates – Parks and Kato not only affirmed it, but affirmed OJ’s proximity to it, and OJ’s Limo (second car), when he retrieved some things before heading to the airport.

If Arnelle’s car was at home, and OJ’s car was at home, how did Arnelle drive herself to the movies?

As for the rest of the case – the lead officer pled guilty to reduced perjury charges and wen on to make millions off his book deals.

THAT IS the level of honesty and rationality in LOS ANGELES … just how Republican are the people of LOS ANGELES?  Must be very … only then can we explain their utter stupidity and bigotry.  Only then can we explain why they would punish a student for doing what was necessary when her teacher was absent… instead of just sitting there and watching the baby emerge (possibly bringing about the death of birth mother and child – which is what “pro-lifers generally sought when they opposed abortion in the case of tubular pregnancies and when the mother’s life was in danger).


Is it a requirement for living in LOS ANGELES?

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