Thursday, September 8, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry = ! IDIOT !

Well, Texas Gov. Rick Perry decided to call those who believe in basic accounting and economics liars.

Rick Perry does not believe Social Security can cover those now paying into it.  Of course, as you’ve read in past blogs, the reason there is any possibility of problems with Social Security is derived directly from the Republicans efforts to destroy it – and the American economy.

Social Security stores its funds in US Treasury Notes – inflate the National Debt and you devalue those reserves.  Reagan, Bush and Bush doubled and redoubled the National Debt – with cheers from the Republicans.  Now the Tea Party candidates – including Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and the rest of the current stable of horse for the next GOP Presidential Race – want to cut taxes from those who have money & taxable income and raise them on those who don’t have taxable income.

The goal of the GOP is to destroy Social Security – but, to do so, they must first destroy the American economy.  Remember, the recession we are now recovering from was the deliberate result of George W Bush policies intended to damage the nation – we knew that when he first proposed them … and you’ll probable find that in my newspaper column or blog from 2001 … That Bush intended to do this was made clear prior to his election – which is why My Column clearly invited people to vote for him – SPECIFICALLY (as I stated) to see if he would do as much damage as I was projecting.  As we now know, he did!

-- The Most Harm to the Most People” --

It is the Republican way of life.

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