Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Southwest Airlines anti-couples

Apparently, Southwest Airlines deems itself a “family airline” … meaning: If you are not legally married or related by some other genetic & legal bond defined as “Family”, they don’t want your business.

Case in point, Actress Leisha Hailey and her lover were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight becomes they were openly affectionate.  Had they been a “family,” they probably could have been invited to screw in the aisles … but they aren’t married, just living together, so, Southwest Airlines holds that they  should NOT be allowed to kiss.

Consider this: last year, Director Kevin Smith was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight last year because he was too obese for the seat.  So it appears Southwest Airlines only approves of people who are are thin … but they must also be devout family types – not live-ins.

One Southwest Airlines Flt. attendant made it clear that the policy specifying it to be a "family" airline also extended to a prohibition against kissing.  Kissing is NOT OK on Southwest Airlines – apparently even among family members.  After all, it doesn’t comply with their definition of “Family” – which is apparently code for non-emotional, non-affectionate … or downright COLD HEARTED .

So if you are a heartless android – who is married – you are welcome on Southwest Airlines … otherwise, STAY AWAY from their boarding gate!

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