Monday, September 12, 2011

THE ECONOMIST missed the reality

Remembering9/11                                       Becoming less American                              Sep 11th 2011, 14:17 by J.F. ATLANTA

“Osama bin Laden did not succeed in his loony goal to unite the world under a Muslim caliphate. But he did succeed in dragging us into two wars in the Muslim world.”

But the stated purpose of Osama bin Laden was two-fold: 1. Bankrupt America (run the National Debt up to a point where there would be a Budget Crisis of the type we saw last month)   2. Saddam Hussein must die.

Both were stated goals in the 1990’s -- achieved via Bush after 2001 … consider this statement from the article: “Between the Patriot Act, the establishment of the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security, Americans are subject to far more surveillance than a free people should be.”

Not only did Osama bin Laden achieve his two stated & publicized goals, but he also managed restructure of the American Society in preparation for the Islamic nation of the future.  Idiots believe that everyone in the world thinks as short term as they do.  In reality, there is a long-term Islamic view ….. one which is reflected in the Koran and it’s model – the Book of Revelation.

That’s right!  The Christian Fundamentalists wrote the model for the Koran belief that there would be an “end-of-days” army dressed in white.  It would be guided by Jesus (Isa) to kill the no-believers and those who were corrupt.  This is the origin of the Jihadist movement – Apocalyptic Christianity!

When Pat Robertson and the other Evangelicals call for adoption of the “End-of-Times” theology, they are calling for the Islamic Jihadists to come and kill.

Why do you think they backed both George Bush Presidencies when they acted in a manner to carry out the goals of Osama bin Laden?  Why do you think they were, and remain, supportive of the Tea Party and its agenda to destroy America?  All are supporting


as dictated by their Apocalyptic Gospels

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