Monday, September 12, 2011

South Remains Anti-Marriage

Oh today is so nice … new headline: “NC House passes anti-marriage amendment”

In this case, the region which traditionally opposed interracial marriage is now officially  opposed to same-gender marriage.  You will note that this is also a region of the country noted for out-of-wedlock births.  After all, The South is historically and devoutly Anti-Marriage … regardless of justification or excuse applied in any given era.

Actually, Southern idiot bigots can do whatever they want about marriage – the real issue is what the tax code recognizes.  Then too, there is what are allowed in inheritance laws – which will govern where people decide to live and the amount of tax revenue a state or municipality can expect to collect.  Since the south is also anti-education, they certainly do not need funds for that; they do not wish people (couples) to live there, so they don’t need roads … gee … they can be as poor and backward as they wish.

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