Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Default Fun Goes On

According to The NY Times (July 26, 2011, “A Denial of Reality”)  this is a question and its answer: “How can so many Republican lawmakers justify pushing their country toward catastrophic default just to score ideological points? The answer can be found in their statements and writings:

They are constructing an alternative reality far different from that of most Americans.”

Contrary to what you have read here – with regard to the destructive results – per the Times article, the Republican controllers  have affirmed that they they seek “The Most Harm to the Most People”: “An arm of the Heritage Foundation sent out a letter Tuesday saying the government should live under the current debt ceiling rather than pass the Boehner plan, ignoring the need to raise the ceiling to pay for bills already incurred. Several right-wing bloggers, notably Erick Erickson of RedState, have threatened brimstone on any errant Republican lawmaker who even considers compromise with the president.”

Note that they have specifically advocated for NOT covering debts incurred already.  Basically, they want the system to collapse – after they very openly, vigorously, and intentionally doubled the National debt under Bush.  What did we get for that double?  Aside from eliminating taxes on the wealthy so they could export jobs and tax revenues to third world nations – where they escape taxes and employ child, or defacto-slave, labor?

The current Republican Party has only one goal – the end to America and individual freedom around the world.  How else can the Right-wing Evangelicals get their King, their divine monarchy and theocratic dictatorship?

“The Most Harm to the Most People”

Pray with Us (them)

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