Friday, July 15, 2011

EDITORIAL worth Forwarding

A Terrible Pledge, Editorial
Published (In the FORWARD) July 13, 2011, issue of July 22, 2011.

Will abortion affect voters’ decisions in 2012? Probably not. As The New York Times reports, less than 1 percent told its nationwide poll this year and last that abortion was the top problem facing the country.

But that hasn’t stopped the Susan B. Anthony List from demanding fealty to their extreme anti-abortion views from all in the crowded GOP field to become president. By extreme, we mean taking a pledge to appoint only pro-life judges, cabinet members and top federal executives; cut off federal funding to hospitals and clinics that happen to perform or fund abortions, and support legislation to further restrict what is, let’s remember, a legal option for American women.

Mitt Romney, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., Herbert Cain and Gary Johnson are the only Republican presidential candidates so far who have declined to sign this pledge, and they have been fiercely criticized by the rest of the pack for being insufficiently ideologically pure.

The Susan B. Anthony folks promise to use this litmus test as a character evaluation in the coming election. We all should. No one who signs such a pledge — one that defies existing federal law, censors speech and damages health care in this country — deserves to be president. We’ll remember, too.


“The Most Harm to The Most People”

Like the Tea Party folks, The Susan B. Anthony folks, are interested in violating American ideals for the purpose of inflicting significant harm on the people and the economy.

Maybe you don’t get the connection between abortion, or the so-called “right to life”, and the economy.  Especially since “right to life” is alleged to be a religiously supported – even though anyone who has actually read the Bible knows that the rights begin AT BIRTH, not before; that the fetus is considered murdered only if its loss is the result of a violent attack on a pregnant woman.  If we argue that abortion constitutes such an attack, then the scripture demands that the doctors & nurses be executed for murder.  Fail to do that, and those who call it murder are spiritual accomplices to the crime and so shall also be spiritually  condemned for that crime.

There is another problem – far more significant – associated with the the “right to life”camp.  They rely upon the Old Testiment, but are generally composed of Christians who claim their spiritual authority through the Pauline Doctrine of Faith … which requires any who cite the Old Testament … the Circumcision, or Laws of Moses … to follow ALL 613 Laws!

Which we all know they do not! Check that pork supper … and the rest of the violations they so openly engage in.   In Terms of St.Paul, these are the spawn of Satan trying to deceive that those who follow a Faith based approach are supposed to avoid.

OK – out on religion.  How about economy?

These are the same people who spend money on weapons of mass destruction, but deny aid  to  the sick, or funding for education – even going so far as to invent funding formulas which deprive those who really need funding.  That weakens the economy by making our worker ill-educated and sickly.  It all relates to the promotion of:

“The Most Harm to The Most People”

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