Sunday, July 31, 2011


Just came across a book on American Education … “The Manufactured Crisis” by David C. Berliner  and Bruce J Biddle … interesting.  Interesting in that it makes reference to the various ways those who promote “The Most Harm to the Most People” have been applying their techniques to the American Educational system – for at least 40 years.

One of the neat things about the destruction of education is the opposition to things that work – and the efforts to undermine realities.  We see this in Washington – do Senators and Congressman really need big staffs?   Why can’t they do their jobs – rather than party and “press the flesh”?  How much of their year is spent behind their REAL desks – the ones where votes are counted and debates held?

If we want a balanced budget, put computers on their desks, require they to learn to use them, and have them analyze EVERY DOLLAR they spent.  If it doesn’t put more into society than it takes out … don’t spend it.  The original Constitution stated that those who owned real assets (land) were the ones to pay taxes.  Let’s go back to that – those who own the businesses, the corporations, the million and billionaires, get taxed first – when they are out of money, only then do their employees get taxed.

GEE – They would very quickly strip the government of waste … if only to lower the amount of money the government needed to function and thus the amount of taxes demanded … it would be a free market economy response. (which they supposedly advocate).  But remember the goal:


Providing that excludes those in power.

Hey guy – Sunday, 1:38 – Anyone addressing that artificial the Debt Ceiling?

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