Saturday, July 23, 2011

MELT DOWN – Tea Party Style

From:  The Great Evil By CHARLES M. BLOW, July 22, 2011

“A report released Friday by the Pew Research Center found that the Republican Party has made tremendous gains in party affiliation among whites since President Obama took office. This would be understandable if the largest gains were among the wealthy, but they weren’t. They were among the poor, the young and less educated — many of the same people who would be adversely affected by G.O.P. policies. (Blacks held relatively steady, and Hispanics fell.)   I guess if people with the money can convince you that destruction is a jobs program, anything is possible.”

Note that “The Most Harm” doctrine mandates that education be cut (with a commensurate promotion of evangelical brainwashing) so as to create more  dummies who will support their own destruction and the destruction of America.  The target demographic is “poor, the young and less educated “ and white… actually, they are the same demographic targeted by neo-Nazis.

The wealthy need not increase representation in the Republican Party – it is already moving in the right direction with all appropriate speed to reach the destructive destination on schedule.  Thus, those with the means to do so are already seeking refuge and awaiting the destructive phase.

Beauty of it all?  If they don’t default now, they get to destroy things later.  Obama will win in 2012 – the GOP is going to great lengths to avoid running a viable candidate.  With more Congressional seats going to the GOP, the economy will crash and they will have won the 2016 Whitehouse.  At that point, they will arrange for a terrorist attack on American soil, retaliate against some unrelated OPEC nation, and cause the economy to tank further… until they can force us into a third world war – with nuclear options exercised.  After all, their agenda does call for:


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