Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Republican Budget Lies

Fiscal responsibility?  Look to Bush …

AP report when Bush raised debt ceiling: "The Bush administration said the need to borrow in the third quarter reflects a short-term cash squeeze and doesn't signal a move from budget surplus to deficit."

Of course, it turned out to be  complete nonsense, necessitated by classic GOP fiscal irresponsibility.

“The total Bush added to the deficit was almost $4 trillion and, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Bush's two tax cuts and two wars will account for nearly half of public debt projected by 2019.” (Huffington Post)

Now the Republicans are determined to finish the job – they want to destroy economy, by removing the Social Security that was integrated into the retirement plans of half the adult population.  Remember, Bush tried this when he was promoting the  idea privatization  -- so that an economic crash would wipe out the retirement funds… and private sector capitalism would be blamed.  Having failed at that, the GOP now wants to take direct action – destroy America’s credit through default.  That will cause a collapse and again serve their purposes.


Economic collapse opens the door to war and the emergence of a totalitarian state – a fabled Kingdom of Christ to be sold to the Republican evangelicals.

But, in fact, a simple dictatorship with theocratic overtones & underpinning.  Basically, a return to the dark ages.


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