Friday, July 15, 2011

Went Reality is ignored.

An example being: NY Times, July 14, 2011 Death and Budgets, By DAVID BROOKS

Think about this statement: “The fiscal crisis is driven largely by health care costs. We have the illusion that in spending so much on health care we are radically improving the quality of our lives. We have the illusion that through advances in medical research we are in the process of eradicating deadly diseases. We have the barely suppressed hope that someday all this spending and innovation will produce something close to immortality.”

Reality Check – we spend more on health care, and get less, than any other industrialized nation.  It is not the drive to provide healthcare and extend life, that is the problem.  It is the insistence on private companies handling the doling out of care – the systematic denial of care prior to it the point where the only care that can be utilized is catastrophic care.  WHERE IS THE PREVENTATIVE?  Where will we find an Insurance Company that mandates an  annual examination?  Where are they who mandate dental care – to prevent problems which will suppress the immune system and allow other problems to emerge … where are they imposing dietary demands ??? attacking the food industry for the extra high salt and fat in the average product … where are they?

NO!  The healthcare industry is controlled by an insurance industry … which denies care … does stop-gap care … and they dumps the sickly that they have created into the public sector services under the Medicaid and Medicare system.

Remember, the reality of our government is that it is controlled by those who want":


If the cost of healthcare bothers you – terminate the private insurance … that’s the source of the cost.  Let that $600 per month payment by families go into the economy … hell, you could take half the current premiums – in exchange for universal care – and the average family would cheer the savings … if you told them they were getting one so they would look at their checkbook and verify the reality.

Why do we buy insurance (using after tax money)?  Why is it that the real cost is carried by those with the least amount of tax obligation – so a deduction is meaningless?  Why do we subsidize people with money to burn -- Those who are always making a show of how much they can give away? 

We all know the answer … it is the only way to ensure that we achieve


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