Thursday, July 14, 2011

WHO TO PAY? on Aug 3rd

Choices are: Social Security checks, student loans, salaries for members of the military and veterans, unemployment benefits, and many other government programs.

Stop salaries, or Social Security, and you stop commerce … those who are on active duty, or live on base in military housing, don’t really need their paychecks … they have shelter, food and medical care.  But there are arguments to the contrary – but not sufficient to offset effect on local store sales.

If the government hangs the defense contractors … they simply delay paying those who have been robbing the nation for decades.  Screwing the creditors … not paying cash against the debt … that saves billions … same for student loans … colleges can afford to have payments delayed … and since banks and agencies are between the government and colleges … once again professional criminals – responsible for the economic bubble & collapse.

Of course … we know the GOP will do anything to continue the destruction of America – so they will force the default … it would only be fair that those companies that fund them are the ones who are hurt first.  Harm the fewest rather than allow the GOP to fulfill its goal of:


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