Sunday, July 31, 2011

????? THERE’s A DEAL ?????

Asked on “Fox News Sunday” if the deal could win approval from the conservative House GOP caucus, the party’s chief vote counter, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), was noncommittal; stated, “I think the American people want a balanced budget, that’s where we stand, and that’s what we’ll fight for.”.

Thus the spin has begun – the Republicans are now saying that starving Americans whop have paid into Social Security for forty-five years, is what those Americans want.  But McCarthy is in denial and the Republicans are flat out liars – what America wants is the Budget Surplus that we had under Clinton.  It was a surplus that allowed for, and fully funded, entitlements and education.  It was a surplus that the Republicans squandered …

OK … so we are now going to have a year of bullshit spinning of the Republican attempts to destroy America … the majority is likely to buy it … and allow the Tea Party to retain it’s power.

Let’s see the votes.

Two Days left.

Will they find a way to screw us over?

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