Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another point to “Saint Paul’s Joke”

2034/5 to 2064/5 represent the critical period for Isaac Newton and the calculations in “Saint Paul’s Joke” … now we have a report that:

“Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa calculated that by 2047, plus or minus five years, the average temperatures in each year will be hotter across most parts of the planet than they had been at those locations in any year between 1860 and 2005.

“To put it another way, for a given geographic area, “the coldest year in the future will be warmer than the hottest year in the past,” said Camilo Mora, the lead scientist on a paper published in the journal Nature.”

“Under high emissions, the paper found a climate departure date of 2031 for Mexico City, 2029 for Jakarta and for Lagos, Nigeria, and 2033 for Bogotá, Colombia.”

So yet more confirmation that the apocalyptic era of Sir Isaac Newton – predicted in the Book of Revelation – is on schedule.  “Saint Paul’s Joke” might well come to be.  Are you going to be the one who ignores it, and thus becomes the butt of it?


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