Thursday, October 31, 2013


Now we know why the Tea Party opposes ACA "Obamacare, [Republican Tom Scully] said, was largely based on past Republican initiatives. “If you took George H. W. Bush’s health plan and removed the label, you’d think it was Obamacare.”  And he should know!
Scully was a principal health policy adviser under President George H. W. Bush, he helped formulate many of those past Republican initiatives — like the shift to private-insurance programs — that Obamacare has put into law. Under George W. Bush, he ran the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and oversaw a host of proto-Obamacare reforms, like Medicare Part D, which introduced competition into the government-supported health care market.
To really gain power – the power to destroy America – The Tea Party needs to discredit the Republican Old Guard policies.  Now they are faced with one of those policies being passed into law under a black Democratic President.  RACE IS A FACTOR which underlies the heart of The Tea Party base.  It doesn’t matter if both their policies and objectives will destroy that base … after all, did Hitler care that Germany would be destroyed by driving its best minds away and into the enemy research facilities?  Of course not.  Hitler was playing on ancestral hatreds, in the same way the Tea Party is relying on those hatreds to protect it from having to deliver specifics about what they deem objectionable in providing health care to their base.
Scully, who is working hard to profit from ACA, liked the market-driven private-insurance exchanges, but he detested that the law called for hundreds of billions of dollars in future subsidies to help Americans, including certain families earning up to about $95,000, buy insurance.  Scully isn’t opposed to the programs, or the law, he just fears that rapid transfer of so much money from other parts of the economy could have a negative overall effect. “It’s way too much money, way too fast,” he said. “But it’s going to be great for you investors.”
Partly obscured by the debate about coverage is the fact that the Affordable Care Act created the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, a sort of health care innovation incubator that funds companies as they explore new ways of delivering quality care more cheaply.  Note that this means there will be a degree of mandated coverage for “experimental procedures” that old policies exclude.  As a result, those policies need to be canceled and new policies which take advantage of the new – extended -- care.
The Tea Party has followed the agenda set down by al-Qaeda … right up to and including the recent vote by 162 elected representatives to default on lawful debts and send the nation into bankruptcy.
Now, beginning January 1st 2014, they will attempt to complete that objective.

Ted Cruz for President.  He's a "natural-born Canadian"   He is ! NOT ! a "natural-born Citizen of the United Sates" ... his citizenship is DERIVED from his mother under a statutory provision which grants naturalization to the children of American Citizens born in other nations.  A Cruz Presidency, or vice-Presidency, would be blatantly unconstitutional -- which is the reason The Tea Party will promote it.  Should Cruz manage to get so far as to prove the ignorance of the average voter and thus be elected, there would be a statutory basis from throwing the nation into Chaos!  All al Qaeda needs is to have the orderly process of government disrupted.  So long as they do NOT attack the United States, they will be free to attack any and all other nations.  America would be in the position of having to resolve the chain of command -- to determine who is the LAWFUL Commander-in-Chief.  Who should the military take orders from, when the whole election is thrown into question?
 2017 becomes a critical year in history -- a year when horrors might befall Europe and the Global Economy... and The Tea Party is a significant element in bringing about the next great era of destruction.
It's only three years from clarity.

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