Monday, October 7, 2013

One Step Closer (to Tea Party Goal)

By threatening to shut the government unless the Affordable Care act was defunded, the Tea Party and Republicans achieved the opposite of what they professed to seek – but reality is, it is exactly what they have always sought.  The government is closed, and the Affordable Care Act is going forward.  The goal was not to stop the Affordable Care Act, it was to disable the American Government.

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE requires that they destroy America – it is exactly as al-Qaeda leaders have declared: increase deficit, decrease efficiency, hurt the people (in part) by denial of medical care.  Destroy, or otherwise weaken, the infrastructure.

Just watch.  Not today, but next year.  Where will the deficit be?  Up or down?  And will it be there because of the deal they make for ending this?  Consider:  Are they going to push for tax cuts?  That’s the quickest way to inflate the deficit – borrow rather than use income.  Wait and watch – enjoy the smoke and mirrors while the Tea Party does the work of al-Qaeda.

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