Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Here is a WAKE-UP WARNING those who say things like "Obama has never been able to admit his own lies", "Obama broke his campaign promise", or "Obama lied about ..."

If you voted for Obama based on a specific assertion, or you relied upon his assertion that he would seek to do something, then you are a Democrat who might have the right to say "Obama Lied".

But if you opposed his assertion, or objective, then you are a Republican and he has seen the wisdom of your position -- so he has not lied, he as been educated by you. Having educated him, if you now hold it against him for taking your position, it is you who are the liar, the idiot, the hypocritical jerk who has no idea what you really want and are therefore willing to destroy the nation because you are a total, possibly drug crazed idiot (check your prescriptions, do they match Rush Limbaugh's addiction?).
If you are a Democrat, you are also an idiot -- you will through away the White House because some minor goal wasn't achieved the way you wanted it?
Impeach Obama? Why not just admit you'd prefer to have Joe Biden as President -- or is it that you'd take anyone who was white?

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