Monday, October 21, 2013

PREDICTION 21October 2013

The nation is,going to be,concerned over the possibility of a new SHUTDOWN on 15 January. Therefore, the holiday season purchases will show a marked decline relative to where the state of the economy would suggest.
In effect, the Tea Party has given us,a gift that just keeps on giving.

Greenspan is sympathetic with the Tea Party, so, in accordance with his past inability to see serious problems which are otherwise obvious, we are probably headed for disaster.

Hang in there, it can only get worse - remember, the al-Qaeda war has yet to begin; first they need to solidify their hold in the Middle East; then they attack Rome. The time line could span another decade, possibly two the meantime, the Tea Party must destroy the American economy

Unless the Tea Party can cripple the United States, al-Qaeda cannot hope to advance in Europe. History has repeatedly demonstrated an American reserve force is the savior of Europe. Control the oil, force America to eat its reserves, and, by 2025, they are free to engage Europe ...

ENJOY ... US WWII babies will probably miss,all the fun.

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