Monday, October 21, 2013

Tea Party Salesmen (ala Castro & Hitler)

Watching the Tea Party supporters, and reading their irrational rants against Obama and “Liberals” reminds me of those who supported Castro in Cuba (like Ted Cruz’s dad) and Hitler in 1930’s Germany.

Check there words.  Where is the assertion of a positive benefit for their own group?  How do THEY [the Tea Party rank & file voters] gain anything?

Does the Tea Party promise healthcare, better education, a better lifestyle, or some improvement to their standard of living and future economic security?

The answer is an obvious, and resounding, NO!

There is a vague idea that the deficit should be cut, but the companion idea is to reduce the Treasury income (Tax Revenues) needed to pay it off.  Instead we hear of spending cuts – generally  to the very social programs which have served to increase the American condition and distinguish it from third world nations … programs which make us either competitive with, or superior to, our economic competition.

They do not cut military spending – especially spending in foreign nations … spending that removes capital from our economy and injects it into the foreign GDP.

Hitler didn’t offer anything – he opposed, he blamed, he attacked the Jews and blamed them in the same way the Tea Party attacks the liberals [generally associated with both Jews and Blacks, but seldom with Christians – though the teachings of Jesus were devoutly liberal]

When Rafael Cruz fought with Castro, like most fighters of his age, he was fighting against the government – he was not fighting for Communism … at least that is what he now claims.  But, when Cruz Sr. came to America and availed himself of our educational system,  he wasn’t interested in fighting against Communism … instead we know he escaped to Canada rather than be subject to the 1960’s Vietnam Draft.  His son Ted was born in Canada ... is a natural born citizen of Canada; as such, is disqualified from the occupying the White House.

The pattern was simple, Rafael Cruz fought against, he did not fight for anything, and he taught his son that people will fight against anything – even their own best interest.  The matter is just one of phrasing it to conform to their prejudice – in the same way Hitler did.  His son is smart: he graduated Princeton, then magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.   He knows how to phrase a lie.

The Tea Party is against liberals [code for blacks & Jews], and they oppose freedom which comes from education and good health.  They oppose anything which betters the human condition.  If you doubt that, try to itemize programs they advocate which help the average person.


The Tea Party will not advocate anything which fails to line the pockets of their elite with platinum… though they often settle for gold and silver.

Destroy the environment, YES they will do that.  Make life harder for those who do basic jobs, YES they will do that.  Take food from the hungry, leave the sick to die in the streets … they will do that to … though they will also make a big show of assisting the hungry and poor – if it allows them to solicit money to build their mansions.

the Tea Party does not stand FOR anything; but they do stand AGAINST everything that will in any way help make you, and your children, safer and more secure.

Of course, like Hitler, the Tea Party will only be seen for what it is after the harm is done.  Usually fifteen or 20 or 25 years after they come to power.  Funny thing, Hitler was an Austrian citizen until 7 April 1925, and became a German citizen after 25 February 1932 [renounced the former to officially be the latter then became Chancellor] … so he too was a dual national of sorts. 

Our Target Date – as provided in “Saint Paul’s Joke” – is 2034/5.  That is only twenty years from now … fifteen years from the time whoever is elected in 2016 has their legislation in place.   It will be interesting to see where the Jihad is at that time, and where it stands in 2034/5.  it will also be interesting to see what history says to those who have fought against the interests of so many, so that they could inflict



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