Wednesday, October 16, 2013

As of 12:01 Friday, the Tea Party Wins(America dies)

Nixon was to be impeached -- for clear HIGH CRIMES -- and bailed, was pardoned and the game ended.

Impeach Obama for his alleged religion (somebody would be violating Freedom of Religion).

Impeach Obama for his breaches in campaign promises -- everyone in the Republican party would be subject to Recall.

Impeach Obama for not being a Natural Born American -- all Hawaiians would be disqualified ... and if strict reading is used, anyone not born in the original thirteen states ... But they want to run Ted Cruz, who is a Natural Born Canadian with statutory citizenship derived via his mother (who preferred Canada over the States).

Impeach Obama for the administration having rules that favor targeted groups -- that opens nearly have the laws on the books to invalidation (they benefit, exempt, or target, specific groups). Most University Texts on Government detail how, and how often, its done... as do texts on taxation and tax shelters.

Of course, Impeachment will freeze legislative action for the duration of the hearings. The government will effectively be paralyzed in terms of the ability to respond to outside threats.
But nobody needs to accept that -- let's do it and see what happens ... which strangely, was the logic of some towards ACA ... of course ACA problems didn't bring the nation to the verge of permanent disaster, it was those who didn't believe their assessment was correct and couldn't take the chance ACA would actually work -- who didn't believe they would gain "I TOLD YOU SO" power in the 2014 & 2016 election cycles.

First, let's all do as the Tea Party and al Qaeda want, let's see the nation default and go bankrupt. Then let's impeach the President for his alleged religion or whatever. Both the Tea Party and al Qaeda will be happy ... and isn't that what most of the posters on the various discussion boards really want?  The same end to America that Osama Bin Laden set as an al Qaeda agenda in 1993?

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