Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miscarriage a Terrorist tool implimented in El Salvador, and by “Right to Life” groups

About 65 percent of 1,083 men and women surveyed said they thought miscarriage was rare, when in fact, it occurs in one out of four pregnancies, with Chromosomal abnormalities as the most common cause of miscarriages, accounting for 60 to 80 percent.the researchers said. 

The emotional impact, as reported by 66 percent of those who experienced a miscarriage, is severe and potentially equivalent to losing a child, which is a reality for many people who experience one.

Its is commonly believed that miscarriage was rare, and believed that stressful events or chronic stress were the major causes. These false beliefs often lead to feelings of guilt or blame in parents who experience a miscarriage.

Adding insult to injury are nations like El Salvador, which has one of the toughest anti-abortion laws in the world.  A side-effect of their Fundamentalist approach to abortion is that women who suffer miscarriages are sometimes suspected of inducing an abortion - and can even be jailed for murder.

Thus, assuming that the El Salvadorian medical system is comparable to that of the United States, one in four pregnancies result in miscarriages; among those, the pregnancies which have progressed far enough to be known and identified – which then self-abort through miscarriage – become murders under the law in El Salvador.  Effectively establishing that El Salvador will jail any women who have, or are impregnated by men who have, damaged chromosomes.

Funny – Christian Fundamentalists in America – those you identify as “Right to Life” – want the right to imprison in the same way.  They also want the right – one now forbidden by the Supreme Court – to murder any woman who’s life is endangered by her pregnancy.  Third party murder of total strangers is, and has historically always been, an objective of those who allegedly value human life.

NOTE that these same groups support military action in distant lands – which involves the wholesale murder of people they do not know and who have not committed any crime.

We can look to Syria, and other regions where Jihadist elements are at work, and see the same disregard for innocent lives.  The world is quickly being divided into those who honor the Bible and Koran, and those who claim to represent it – but who, in practice, strive to violate every requirement to protect the innocent and value life.  Their mantras can be reduced to do-good claims which are designed to conceal their evil intent and practices.

 “Saint Paul’s Joke” – are you laughing yet?


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