Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ted Cruz begins the next al-Qaeda attack


Ted Cruz, having failed to achieve the goal set down for him by Al-Qaeda — the economic destruction of the American Economy — is deemed “selling the American people down the river.”

The Republicans in House and Senate who voted to avert a Global Recession and allow  America to retain its place as an Economic Superpower, and ensuring that the Dollar remained the world’s reserve Currency, and safe haven is deemed a loss and those who, twelve Days after Ayman al-Zawahiri called for personal attacks on the American economy, did everything they could to fulfill that objective are now  the “Good Guys”.

We can see from Cruz that his alleged “Good Guys” could not “w in a fight w hen [their] own team is firing cannons at the people w ho are standing up and leading, …”

But w here were they leading?

Clearly over an economic cliff.

Let us recall that, high on that list of objectives set down by Osama Bin Laden w as the destruction of the U.S. economy which, he declared in 2004, would be accomplished by “bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy.” DEFAULT on Government Securities is the Internal equivalent of Bankruptcy — and that is precisely w hat Cruz was fighting for.

Now  he castigates those who refused to serve Al-Qaeda, those w ho refused to serve Osama Bin Laden, and refused to obey Ayman al-Zawahiri’s call for personal attacks on the American economy. Ted Cruz obeyed — when he read Dr. Seuss into the House Record, rather than conduct the Nation’s Business as he was charged by his responsibility under his oath as a Senator.

We already know 162 Al-Qaeda operatives in high-ranking positions revealed themselves by their NO VOTE to ending the Shutdown and avoiding Default.  That NO represented a loud YES to bankrupting America and plunging the world into a Global Recession.

Watch the discussion boards – Al-Qaeda operatives cheer those who voted to destroy America.  These operatives, or the dimwits they rely upon to further their objectives, are going to fight to bring the nation down.  They will engage attacks on the White House and any who need a strong humane governmental structure.  They oppose any assistance to those who Jesus commanded be assisted.

Remember, in the Koran, The Prophet Mohammed decreed respect for “The People of the Book” – the Jews, and what is now Israel – he had married a Jewish woman, and would certainly disown any who attacked her family, or anyone else who followed the Old Testament Laws which he mandated his followers follow.   The Prophet, was not unlike Saul of Tarsus [St. Paul – as shown in “Saint Paul’s Joke”] in that regard… both men dictated obedience to the law: teachings of both were subverted to create groups that practiced evil as their religion … both groups killed, rather than educated.

Ted Cruz is part of this pattern of propagating evil.


Ted Cruz bemoans his latest failure to achieve that goal.

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