Tuesday, October 8, 2013


OK, I have made my position on Tea Party and Impeach Obama clear... NOW ... WHY NOT?  It would be great!  Joe Biden would become President, the Republicans have no opposing candidates with Biden's experience ... Ted Cruz is a natural born Canadian and therefore disqualified from being either President or Vice-President ... there are no viable candidates for the 2016 election (Obama can't run anyway) so Biden (who would be 73, 74 two weeks after election) could run and possibly serve two terms.  if he becomes sick, or dies in office, his VP would be open for two terms -- possibly ensuring the Democrats eight to sixteen years in the White house ... so possibly control until 2032.

If the House continues its nonsense, the Republicans could be booted out both the House and Senate ... so six year of Democratic control would be ensured ... and all because the Tea party doesn't want people to have medical care, and refuse to allow a vote on a clean budget bill that would ensure the nation does not go into default on 17 October.

If the nation does default -- interest rates will rocket up, the economy will go the way of Greece and everybody will be really pissed at the Republicans.  Especially since a default would allow China to grab the economic high ground (it is already moving that way).


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