Monday, October 7, 2013

Impeach Obama Ad … published by those committing treason

Read the ad ... the impeachable action is NOT that of Obama, but the Republicans:   The act in question is the shutdown of the government through blackmail -- the demand to defund a working program which benefits Americans and which has been signed on to by Republican Governors across America because it helps their states ... failure to meet that demand results in putting 800,000 Government employees out of work and denying them the means to meet their expenses.  Military, Weather (storm warnings), and quasi-emergency services -- including, but not limited to, cancer treatment for children -- are all being blocked by the blackmailers.  This is an attack by the Tea Party on the American Citizen and Obama is fighting against it.  Thus, only criminals, or those seeking to destroy America, would support the defunding demand, or allege an impeachment basis against Obama.

Tea Party Republicans attack and try to destroy America by closing it down (clearly an act of HIGH TREASON); so we need to impeach the man who is trying to stop them... Now that is good sound Tea Party Logic... " St. Paul's Joke " ... the Tea party represents the idiots who don't get it (hence are spiritually doomed).

Read “Saint Paul’s Joke” and find out what the obligation is … or read the parable  of the Good Samaritan begin and learn what the Christian and Jewish obligation to the sick entails.  The Tea Party is clearly opposed to that teaching of Jesus, so it might not be too out of line to say they represent the modern anti-Christs who will bring about the apocalypse. 

Countdown to 2034/5  

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