Friday, October 18, 2013

Does Kindness -- the Golden Rule -- Pay?

12:06 PM EDT Friday 18 October 2013

The domestic entitlement policies as sustainable ... but not if America continues to be "policeman to the world". 
Consider the communities which fight to have military bases. Their economies prosper because of it -- with them the economies of the surrounding communities. 
It is based on an economic multiplier -- money introduced circulates in a community seven to ten times before exiting. Each each of the 7-10 steps generates tax revenues (local, state, federal) The federal share, including Social Security contributions, is 2.1 to 3 times the dollars introduced. 
However, if the military base is in a foreign nation -- it literally exports prosperity to foreign nations (post war occupancy of Japan and Germany are nice examples). The drive for a foreign military presence harms the economy and tax rolls ... reverse or reduce that foreign economic footprint and domestic programs are not in jeopardy ... and become fully sustainable. In fact, items like Food Stamps, AFDC and Social Security (now you can add ACA) grow the economy and federal revenues by 2.1-3 dollars for every one outlaid. That is why those who voted to default attack these programs ... they must be destroyed to allow the deficit to increase and the American economy to collapse ... as al-Qaeda has stated was their object.

We can talk of foreign threats, but any domestic threat, which can be shown to be credible, is best answered by an attack which erases those who fund, or lead it – ideally both.  Warn the innocents to leave their cities, then erase the cities, or capital buildings.  One day, one shot, using drones or ICBM’s – informing the populace first and maybe giving them the option to immediately address the problem elements.

Citizens can side with the terrorists, or permanently remove them.

If they side with them, they die with them.

America no longer needs to have boots on the ground.  It serves no purpose in this modern age – al-Qaeda proved that on 9/11 and when their agents nearly crashed the Global Economy through their actions over the past three weeks.  America also needs to remember, as do those who wish to criticize this approach to the use of the military force, the GOLDEN RULE says, “Do until Others AS they do unto you.”  Another variation says, “Do until Others AS YOU WOULD HAVE them do unto you.”  Together these dictate that you do NOT strike first – unless you want your strike mirrored onto you, so if first, let it be with kindness and love -- but you do strike back – with equal or greater kindness, love, or, in military context, Force and deadly power.

If al-Qaeda strikes, strike back.  If they leave you alone, leave them alone.  If they attack your friends, attack their friends.  If they seek to undermine your economic base, undermine theirs.  If innocents are in region, warn them – they did you no harm, and would, in the future, be obligated to warn you. 

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