Thursday, October 17, 2013

Did “Republican Surrender” or al Qaeda operatives vote for Default?

The title of the New York Times article, The Republican Surrender, is inaccurate.  Honest Americans broke with the 162 members of both Houses of Congress who are devout al Qaeda supporters seeking the destruction of the American Economy in order to plunge the Global Economy into Recession.

Those traitors will not stop.

Over the course of the next four months these 162 will endeavor to hurt the elderly & children; they will work to distract Congress from the nation's business, and again seek to force Default.  Their issues will be emotional, but unfounded in fact, and under logical analysis.  Their positions will, in Christian Terms, clearly be anti-Christ.  But then, their positions go against all humane theologies and doctrines.

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE: to achieve the Davidic Prophecy; the Prophecy in The Book of Revolution, which relates to the prophecies of Islam - The KORAN speaks of its people being the "Army in White"; even the Hindu New Age, which began December 21st, requires the same "cleansing".

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