Sunday, September 1, 2013

Assuming ASSAD responsible

Well, media loved to assume Hussein had WMD’s and now it will assume Assad used Sarin Gas.  With any luck, he actually did use it.

Why want Assad to be the user of Sarin Gas?  Because that means al Qaeda does not yet have it to use.  Of course, if we destabilize Assad’s regime, and the result is another Iraq, then the Bush, Bush, Prescott Bush family line will have won … Prescott funded the Nazis, the Bush combo gave us “Desert Storm” and then a decade years of budget busting military action in foreign lands – one which killed more Americans than 9/11, and also slaughtered tens of thousands of good, God fearing, Islamic citizens in various nations.

Of course, their ultimate goal is the one stated by Ben Laden – cause the financial collapse of America.  Bush achieved Ben Laden’s stated objective of killing Hussein.  Bush’s actions also strengthened al Qaeda, but the Republicans have more to do – if they are to destroy America.  They, the Republicans, have nothing to lose – they have already outsourced our manufacturing and basic services, so their income is now elsewhere.  Look at the Chinese economy, the life of the average city dweller … in the past two decades it has soared to heights never before dreamed of in China.  The Chinese, the first destination for outsourced jobs, are becoming “bloody rich” at our expense.  What did we get?  The right to renege on promised Social Security, Medicare, and basic services.

What this chart does not tell us – that we are the biggest producer of WMD’s and Sarin Gas in the world … in their preparation for global destruction, the Republican Party (through multiple administrations, beginning in WW2) ensured that.  We are now two decades from the time when we, under a Republican President, outdo the Nazis.     


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