Friday, September 6, 2013

Kill Arabs or Help average Americans?

The Bush Regime never had respect for the Constitution -- which specifies that Congress Declares War.
Call it a "WAR" and Congress has to authorize it.
Being "Commander-in-chief" and running that "war"kicks in after that declaration.
America has no business "punishing" the rulers of other nations -- of course, if we wish to assume that role, then we MUST apply that authority to ALL nations.  Selective application of arbitrary rules of morality are, in themselves, immoral.
The only consistent aspect between Iraq and Syria is that American military action serves only to aid Jihadists and al Qaeda.  It in no way has, or will, aid the average person within those nations.
Moreover, this intervention pulls resources from those things which most serve people -- things mandated by the the Text which is supposed to govern western religions.
Limited action in Syria will cost one BILLION dollars every two days ... what if that, apparently available to waste, money were directed to rural educational needs, or to ObamaCare (or a better medical program of Republican choice), or to making Social Security stronger?
Or, since the budget has that money to waste, why not a BILLION dollars every two days to reduce Income taxes for either the very rich, or by raising the low end amount where tax liabilities kick in?  After all, we seem to have the money to spend to kill Arabs -- why not use it to make life for the average American better?

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