Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Still More Syrian Fun

Turkish prosecutor indicts six jihadists for alleged attempts to acquire chemicals with intent to produce sarin – how solid is this article?  And does it explain why no rebels died in the alleged sarin attack?

Of course, it would be nice to start a war in the Middle East – that would then justify the terrorists expanding operations in Europe, and give rise to more insurrection and instability in Southeast Asia … which will benefit China.  Remember China has already benefited from American outsourcing, and their standard of living has, over the past two decades, skyrocketed to the point where China, not America, is looked to as the standard for foreign tourism and monetary exchange.

We Westerners have a very real problem – aside from our ability to kill any who try to leverage against Chinese interests, we no longer serve a global purpose.

All we need now is the Apocalyptic Prophecy to be fulfilled – that has a dual benefit (for those who actually know it and have considered its ramifications): it eliminates all Christians and Muslims by a full and complete extermination of all who do not follow the biblical, or Koranic, teachings ... “Saint Paul’s Joke” as echoed by the Prophet Mohammed.

Those who claim to be Christian, but are not, are to be killed by the Army in White, lead by Jesus (Isa of the Koran); the definition of bad Christians – as defined by Jesus, Peter, and Paul, they are any who do not follow the Biblical Laws … Hebrew Laws.  It then follows that anyone who uses PORK, or pork products, as their dietary staple, will be doomed – especially those who claim to have read, or follow the Bible.  The RULE OF SOLOMON: If you do wrong out of ignorance you are, or can be, forgiven, but once you are told what is right, if you then do wrong, you are fully guilty and shall be punished… “Saint Paul’s Joke” … you are told what is expected of you if wish to follow Jesus … first is to convert, next is to adhere to ALL THE LAWS.  You are even forbidden to criticize a Jew – even a Jew who ignores ALL THE LAWS – unless you yourself follow ALL THE LAWS.

One law is to circumcise your sons – ideally on the eight day.  Only a new convert is exempted from undergoing that ritual … but he is NOT exempted from applying it to any sons born after conversion.

Syria, and the future programs like it, are the beginning of the end for the false Christians.  If you are rich, follow the example of Pope Benedict … retire and enjoy the privileges of your wealth now, because, when you reach the other side, you’re destiny has been locked and loaded … you’re screwed by your own actions, you have, through the teachings of your Church, and satanic agents referred to as evangelical, fallen victim to “Saint Paul’s Joke”

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