Monday, September 23, 2013


“FREE TO BE HUNGRY” is a neat title for a New York Times, Paul Krugman, article published 22 Sept. which deals with Food Stamps – which address “the third of his famous Four Freedoms — freedom from want — seems to have been turned on its head. Conservatives seem, in particular, to believe that freedom’s just another word for not enough to eat.”

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) – formally known as Food Stamps – is a key element of economic growth.  You didn’t think of that, but it is reality.  People make spending choices, and when the choice is between food and consumer products, food wins.

Think about that in terms of “economic stimulus packages”. if the money is given to the rich, they use it to buy luxury items; donate it to foreign charities, or charities operating in foreign countries; they us it to expand their foreign business operations, or sit on it – buy stocks in companies that are already operating and therefore nothing is added to the national economy.

If we save people from diverting their limited resources to a buying of basic food stuffs (which are produced locally, therefore supporting the local economy), then their limited resources can support other local businesses and products.  Limited resources are not diverted to foreign luxury products.  SNAP is a true stimulus – it provides local economies with seven to ten times its local amount.  Every dollar in SNAP introduced to a local economy circulates seven to ten times … only then does it exit the local economy to enter the next provider economy … that economy is the domestic wholesaler’s locale.

Fortunately, the Republicans understand this; they have economic knowledge and advisors to tell them how the economy works – people who finance their operations and guide American resources into the realm of outsourcing.

The Republicans understand that (as al Qaeda has often stated) the destruction of America cannot be achieved with the destruction of its economy.  To destroy the economy, first money must be diverted from the bottom, the local communities where the average person lives – not the “manufacturing” communities, and certainly not the wallets of the people who are outsourcing all our economic potential.

The Republicans understand that they must starve the lower classes, must deprive them of medical care, must make their lives miserable and take away their hope for a secure future – that will, if nothing else, set the stage for rebellion.  Rebellion is good for those seeking the destruction of a nation – during the Cold War America sponsored many rebellions … but never took proper advantage of the result.  But again, that was REPUBLICAN administration policies.


it begins with abuse of the poor.

it begins with those who do the day-to-day chores.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” takes many forms to be achieved.

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