Sunday, September 22, 2013

More on Population Shift

On 22 Sept, THE ECONOMIST published an interesting article on Sex-selective abortion.  It seems they are looking at what we have been examining ever since China instituted its one-child policy.

When it comes to gender representation, it is normal to have 105 boys born for every 100 girls.  But there is a bias toward males whenever families are placed in a position where gender selection is necessary.  In an age when we have population concerns that have placed an emphasis on limiting reproduction -- and in an age where abortion is safe and contraception is a matter of going to the local pharmacy, it is possible to limit the number of children – determining the gender of those that are born is the last step.

Parents, not the government, have the final say in whether sons or daughters are born, with normal ultra sound and other testing allowing them to have a choice of gender.  The bias toward boys is moving to 150 for every 100 girls – ideal for regions which will be the centers of military action in 2035.

In Armenia, among first children, there are 138 boys for every 100 girls.  When the first child is a daughter, 61% of second children are sons.

Keep an eye on the regions around Turkey and into Italy.  Keep an eye on regions which expelled the Jews – they will have the highest growth, or ratio, in males over females.  They don’t see it, but “Saint Paul’s Joke” and the Malachy prophecy are at work – they are being prepared for a war of extermination which will become evident in 2035.

It would be nice to be wrong.

It would be nice to know the people of the world will become rational in my lifetime … but that argues against history.

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