Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Royal Society Publication confirms, and amplifies on, 2012 “Genesis of Genesis” dates

Those who have purchased "GENESIS OF GENESIS" might realize that Wednesday's issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society A (4 Sept 2013) has filled in and explained the time between the Birth of METHUSELAH and that of his son LAMECH. It represents the first eight Pharaohs from the establishment of Egypt as a State.

The story was reported by NBC News as "Who Ruled Egypt When".  The actual article is at "Researchers rewrite Early Egyptian timeline".



But we already knew that, apart from the astronomy, there was a correlation between those dates and Egyptian history. Isn't nice to see that the specifics are being published in peer review journals... ? LOL 

Have you read "GENESIS OF GENESIS"

Coincidently, effective 4 September 2013,  Amazon has a new promotion – buy the print version and receive the Kindle version at a deep discount, or possibly free.   And the dating chart, from Adam to Noah, is now on our "GENESIS OF GENESIS" Facebook page

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