Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Media Catches On – finally

Elmore Leonard has written 45 books, and some have been turned into movies or TV shows.

When the ONE CHILD policy was instituted, I wrote that China, with its bias for males, would have a surplus of men and a standing army larger than any other in history.  All those males are going to need to be utilized.

It now turns out that these “Leftover” males are also the least productive – therefore the most likely to be used as canon fodder.


  • Nine out of 10 men in China think women should get married before 27
  • Sixty per cent say the ideal time is 25-27
  • One per cent believe the best age for a woman to get married is 31-35

For reproduction, 25-27 is a reasonable maximum age for any first marriage and first child.  After that, bad habits start to damage the body and reproductive ability – pass 35 and females face problems.  For men its different, all they need do is shoot sperm – there are no other physiological systems involved beyond that.

In 1986, Newsweek carried an article which said women who weren't married by 40 had a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than of finding a husband.  Allegedly, Newsweek admitted it was wrong, and that two-thirds of the single, college-educated American women who were 40 in 1986 had married by 2010.  !!! BUT !!! That the point is it focused on college-educated woman – in 1986 few women had graduated college.

What we don’t know in the study: How about the 40+ women without college?  How about the husbands?  Where these second marriages?

At the time, in 1986, we were just learning half of all  marriages were to end in divorce.  That means the husbands were on their second wife – a wife who had to fit into the economic culture of the successful college graduate … a man who had already had his children and really wasn’t looking for a family… just a decent shag who could engage in a serious conversation.

So let’s rephrase: women who weren't married mothers by 40 had a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than ever having their own family.  They would, however, be candidates for step-mom.

In China, this doesn’t matter – the one child policy means recycled women.

Remember the IDIOT of 9/11/01 He and his associates would go on to kill one American Soldier for every 9/11 victim – while declaring the designer of the event irrelevant to the event.  It would take Barack Obama to actually nail Bin Laden (who was living, in the lap of luxury, within eyesight of Bush’s military the whole time).





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