Sunday, September 8, 2013

Syrian Vote Scorecard


To reiterate the basics:

Syria is not a signatory of the Chemical Weapons Treaty, therefore they are not violating a recognized legal duty.

Syria has not utilized its chemicals beyond the confines of its borders, nor have they drifted beyond those borders.

Syria is engaged in a Civil War – foreign nations have no legal basis for engaging in actions which benefit one party over the other … unless they declare their support.  Any attack on Assad has the effect of supporting the Jihadist or al Qaeda elements in the Rebel camp.

Supporting the Jihadist or al Qaeda elements in the Rebel camp, which supports those who engaged in 9/11, and the attack on American cities and citizens, is a clear act of TREASON against the American people.  Note that 36% have declared their wish to see America attacked again – this is clear by their willingness to strengthen al Qaeda.

Destroy Assad and assist the combined Jihadist/al Qaeda elements … the effect will be an al Qaeda takeover of the region and the eventual destruction of Saudi Arabia … with it our access to Middle Eastern oil.  That would then ensure the collapse of America in the same way that depriving Hitler’s Germany of that oil helped bring them down.

Remember, the Republican Party has been steadfast in its opposition to American Energy Independence and the use of – along with the expansion of – renewable energy resources.  OIL $$$$$’s have lined their pockets at the cost of American long term security.

Consider the timeline we can glean from history.

Al Qaeda takes over Syria, and, with the blessing and devout thanks to the Republicans and George Bush, has a strong foothold in Iraq.  Now, with the support of Iran, the Persian Empire is being rebuilt.  Lebanon will be the next target, and they are already active in Egypt.  Israel can be overrun… out comically, they might ignore Israel.

Historically, Turkey is a better target … that means an expansion into the Ottoman Empire and north into the Pale of Settlement to join their Russian supporters.  This would involve a decade, maybe slightly more.  If, in that time, America has a two term Republican President, they would either be attacked – in any region they have not yet taken over, so as to weaken the way for them – or we will see concerted efforts to increase American debt and energy vulnerability.

The move westward would begin with the death of Pope Francis and election of the next and last Pope Francis I(born in 1936, so now 76 with a life expectancy under a decade).  Thus the fun begins in 2024 to 2032.

Given 2035 is both the opening date for the St. Malachy Prophecy and the Biblical Cycle projection established by Sir Isaac Newton – and independently in “Saint Paul’s Joke” … as based on the Biblical math as revealed in “Genesis of Genesis” – there is no question that forces of destruction are pushing us into a countdown designed to inflict


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