Friday, September 6, 2013

pick a side: Assad or al Qaeda

"Members of Congress, during two days of occasionally combative hearings on Syria earlier this week, have pushed for the president to make a more direct case to the public before the United States punishes Syria for using chemical weapons."
so goes the news story on Obama trying to push his case for attack to the American people.

Problem... attack one side, help the other. The case Obama makes MUST address the,question of,why America should give the rebels - Jihadists and al Qaeda - free air cover. That is, after all, exactly what we would be doing.

Of course, if you follow the news, you know that certain Arab states would be happy to foot the cost of an all out attack... one that destroys Assad and gives the Jihadists control of the region and the ability to erase Israel from existence. It would seem Obama and McCain want that. So Obama needs to establish exactly why he wants to set the stage for the destruction of Israel and Democracy in the Middle East.

Chemical weapons can be dealt with when the civil war is over ... a war crimes, or crimes against humanity action can be taken and Assad can be stood against a wall and shot...
and the UN can handle it.

Why the rush to assist Jihadists? Will the tea party types be proved right... does Obama really support them Bush supported Ben Laden?

Stay tuned... the fun is about to start.

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