Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wants To Ban Circumcision

In Denmark, Leftist Social Liberals Cite Children's Rights as the basis for a ban on circumcision.  If we carry their logic further, just a bit, all vaccination like procedures violate a child’s rights.  For that matter, forcing them to wear clothing also violates their rights.

Debate has grown over ritual circumcision in Denmark, normally known as a bastion of tolerance.

The Social Democrats party, a left-wing Danish political party is seeking to outlaw ritual circumcision in Denmark. The fact that they are targeting a RITUAL act means we can ignore the idea of it being expanded to medical procedures –-- though it could be argued that clothes are a ritual element.

On the other hand,  Lene Rachel Andersen, a Danish Jewish author and journalist, said, in an Op-Ed following the August 15 vote, that  any ban would mean the demise of Danish Jewry, and that “within two to three years, religious Jews will move away move from Denmark.”

Of course, if religious Jews demonstrated the intelligence Jews are noted for, they would turn to their doctors and the procedure would continue as a medical one – akin to vaccination – utilized to prevent the child, as an adult, from contracting an STD.  If nothing else, the procedure has been proved to reduce the likelihood of contracting an STD (it isn’t 100% effective, but is as effective as many of the common medical practices, such as contraception and vaccination).

The practice would be conducted on the the eighth day – the first day when the clotting factor is finally established in a infant.  Simply put, the ritual becomes medical and the ‘RITUAL BAN’ becomes meaningless – unless you count the lack of a non-medical Mohel.  But, in reality, given the occurrence of disease transfer which has recently been reported, the circumcision should be carried out by a medical professional.  There is absolutely NOTHING in scripture which prohibits a doctor from performing the circumcision, or which mandates that a specific person perform it.  At best, given that the ritual was mandated to a father to perform on his son, the Mohel is, in reality, a violation of the literal mandate.

If anti-Semites wish to ban a ritual – they cannot ban a practice.  But, in accordance with “Saint Paul’s Joke”, they define themselves as anti-Christ in terms of Paul.  We already know that any violation of LAW is directly opposed to the mandates of Jesus and Peter. This means they and all their followers are screwed – at least, if we go to war by 2035.

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