Saturday, September 21, 2013

Syrian Plot Thickens

OK, now there is a purported video of the ones who used the Sarin Gas.  The poor-quality videos show men standing around an artillery vehicle, wearing what appear to be gas masks, with the cannon's barrel draped in large black flags bearing Islamic symbols and the name of rebel group Liwa al-Islam. 

In the video, the men chant "Allahu Akbar", or "God is great".  Liwa al-Islam eventually released a statement declaring the videos to be "completely fabricated" and blaming the Assad government which, it says, is the only force in Syria in possession of the weapons shown in the video.  “The videos contain jihadist paraphernalia which is perhaps a little too obvious, such as the large black flags and constant chanting," said BBC Monitoring's Mohamed Madi.

OK, so we have a staged boast film, or a real boast film.  In either case, it raises issues as to who was responsible for the gas, and why no rebels were among the dead.

Now the question is… IS THE VIDEO LEGITAMITE?

Those who want to bomb Syria will yell NO; those don’t want to bomb will yell YES; those with open minds will want to err on the side of caution – right now there is seems to be a stalemate and bombing Syria sides with the Rebels.  Is it that America want to side with Jihadists?

For those who want to bomb – as Bill Maher pointed out, for the past decade, we have been using drones to bomb Yemen, and they haven’t done a damned thing.  Americans like to murder people, and murdering Arabs is every bit as religiously correct now as it was a thousand years ago – be good Christians, murder as many people as possible.  If the Judgment period begins in 2034/5, then better get it out of your system now … Koran says Islamists are going to kill the “BAD CHRISTIANS” … “Saint Paul’s Joke” … eat pork and kill innocents … and you’re among the ones HE isn’t going to know, even though they claim to come in HIS name.

Of course, “Saint Paul’s Joke” might be wrong … after all, you are betting your life on your right to violate THE LAW.



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