Monday, September 9, 2013

Democrats get violent

Seems the Democratic Party of America has become the war party. A new BBC depot of the voting preferences shows the Democrats are strongly in favor of bombing Syria, killing as many Arabs,as possible and making it easy for al Qaeda to assume control in Syria.

Of course they wouldn't phrase it quite that way, but that is,what they seem to want. In the meantime, in Arkansas, police based and shot -killing him- a 107 year old man. Seems,America is taking on the habit of murder.

Naturally, the police claim the old guy was armed and allegedly threatening two people. But why we're they at his home to be threatened? How did this old guy move fast enough to get,a gun? Or did he keep the gun with him as he moved around his home?

In any case, seems we are more concerned with the deaths in a foreign civil war than we are,about the cops in America killing a guy who managed to live for a century - a guy who out lived nearly everyone born in the year he was born...those he failed to outlive can be counted on the fingers of one hand ...without use of the thumb... and the warmongers based him, then shot him to death.

Where's the morality in that? Really should look into his surname... Issadore or something ... sounds Jewish ... that would go with Congress backing the side that produces suicide bombers to attack Israel ... oh well, maybe I'm just reaching LOL or maybe there is a pattern developing.

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