Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Preaching “false religion” calling others false

On Sunday, 22 Sept, E.W. Jackson, a pastor -- who is also the Republican candidate for Virginia’s lieutenant governor -- preached a sermon at the Restoration Fellowship Church in Strasburg, VA. in which he said non-Christians are engaged in a “false religion.”

Obviously he hasn’t read “Saint Paul’s Joke”, so the joke is on him and all who accept his bullshit.  Of course, without recognizing it, Jackson is fulfilling a Biblical requirement known as ‘the Rule of Solomon,’ which states that a person must first be told they are wrong before they can be held accountable for any act which is wrong.

Jackson complied with this requirement, when he said: “Any time you say, ‘There is no other means of salvation but through Jesus Christ, and if you don’t know him and you don’t follow him and you don’t go through him, you are engaged in some sort of false religion,’ that’s controversial, But it’s the truth.” … or so he was quoted in accordance with a recording first reported Monday by the Washington Post.

Of course, the Christian Bible tells us that Jesus was, and remained, a Jew. … History tells us that, until the time of St. Augustan, anyone who followed Jesus had to first become Jewish. … As explicitly stated in the Bible, and as quoted in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, before anyone can criticize a Jew (which falls in the ‘non-Christian’ group) – even one who ignores THE LAW, a follower of Jesus must obey ALL THE LAWS – E.W. Jackson enjoys his pork and therefore is disqualified from speaking with any Jesus, Peter, or Paul, based authority.

But we can pardon Jackson’s ignorance – he is, after all, a Republican and therefore represents the values we expect from the Republican government he proposes to lead.  Jesus stood for helping the poor, feeding the hungry, and providing medical care to the sick – Is there anyone who can look at recent Republican actions in Washington and believe they represent these values, or goals?


It is the Republican idea of Christianity.

and E.W. Jackson personifies it. 


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