Monday, September 9, 2013

Monroe Isadore ... 107 murdered in his bedroom.

"Gun-toting Monroe Isadore fired at cops who surrounded his bedroom and shot tear gas and stun grenades inside."

Now that's a neat opening to the news video.

Nobody was hurt... so they kill an old man in his bedroom. They couldn't wait... there was no immediate threat to anyone... they couldn't wait, they had to go in guns blazing and kill the old guy.

Place your bets... the cops,who did it walk away ... probably with pats on the back ... I bet the real criminals are laughing their heads off ... after all, when was the,last time you heard of an Arkansas drug dealer, kidnappers, or murderer being gunned down in their bedroom by the cops ... for that matter, when did you ever hear of Arkansas cops shooting a real criminal?

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