Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Media is waking up to economics

In an article entitled U.S. debt outlook still dark, the Washington Post has finally caught on to what this blog has been saying for years – The Republicans are trying to bankrupt America, and they are doing it in accordance with the al Qaeda decree made public, in the mid-1990’s, by Osama Ben Laden.

Specifically, the link states and Illustrates:

Despite multiple deficit-reduction deals during the past three years, the national debt is projected to swell to 100 percent of the economy by 2038, due primarily to the enormous cost of caring for an aging society. Making matters worse: tax cuts for the vast majority of Americans made permanent during last year's fiscal cliff showdown. If the tax cuts had been allowed to expire, projections showed the debt dropping to 52 percent of GDP during the next 25 years. Read related article.

U.S. debt outlook is still dark.

Note that Republican economic policies (with regard to tax cuts) ensured American debt would be 100% of GDP – more important (given a stated 2035 critical deadline) it will happen by 2038.  It will happen sooner, if we can set the al Qaeda Jihadists on the path to attacking Europe, America, or just Israel and Saudi Arabia.  

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